College Basketball Recruitment

During my team at Drexel University, I had the privilege of interviewing multiple college coaches and staff members. I was able to pick their brains on their teams recruitment process, financial goals, and the importance of fund raising for each sport program and the athletic department as a whole. From all the coaches I was able to interview, there are several similarities between what type of scholar-athlete they want to represent their program.

Recruiting Philosophy

●Accountability ●Goal Orientated ●Academic Achievement ●Community Service Involvement●Leadership ●Respect ●Positive Attitude & Energy ●Effort ●Respect/Integrity


Is the kid coachable? Can they fit our system? Can they defend their position or multiple positions? Are they athletic enough to meet our needs? Are they skilled and have good basketball IQ? Can they shoot and make open shots? Are they academically eligible? How are their attitudes when they are in the game, but more importantly, while they are on the bench? What type of relationship do they have with their teammates and coaching staff? What does their body language speak when things are not going their way? Are they cheering for their teammates or have a negative attitude while sitting on the bench? Do they have a family structure? What does their home life look like, consist of? Are they high character kids? How well do they handle adversity? How do they interact with their coaches and teammates during the game, and or after the game? Can they handle the academic standards and work at our university/school? Can they positively impact our team, school culture and community? Can they help us win and how?

The answers to these questions will determine whether a high school athlete can play at the next level.

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