A Coach’s Challenge

Being a coach is no easy task. There is no easy way to success. How a coach define success can also differentiate. You have many restless nights and days you just want to be alone. Those are the moments where you need your staff, assistant coaches, family and friends the most. Every coach experience hardship differently, but there is light at the end of that tunnel. Showing consistency, staying true to your morals, and values will only strengthen your team.

When creating a culture that you want to have, everyone needs to be on the same path, understand and appreciate the end goal, and on the same page. Your coaching philosophy, goals, core values, mission statement and vision must be present, clear, and attainable. Team S.M.A.R.T Goals *SPECIFIC*MEASURABLE*ATTAINABLE. *REALISTIC*TIME-SENSITIVE* should be set for your scholar-athletes. Each individual player can have their own set of goals. One of the best examples of this was when I was at a coaching conference at Penn University, and inside the men’s locker room, each player had three personal goals typed and place on their locker area. It was visible for everyone to see and read. This was a unique way and something you can try as well. Nothing should be hidden, trust, honor, integrity, and respect must be earned and portrayed throughout your tenure.

Why do you coach????

I value consistency, effort, a competitive nature, structure, patience, and unity; not perfection. I believe that when your focus is on perfection and winning, your players and staff can develop a sense of failure and lack of self-worth when they lose. As a coach, it is my responsibility to help my players and staff understand the value of:

Learning from their mistakes and the mistakes of others; Learning how to get up if they fall in life; Learning how to effectively communicate with one another on and off the court, and; Learning how to have a short memory and moving past the mistakes they may have encountered during a game or practice.

Everyone fails and loses in life – what makes others better and great is when they learn how to overcome those failures and move past the adverse moments. Even as a young coach, you will fail many times over. Hopefully, you learn and progress from those mistakes, and learn to ask for help when you need it the most.

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