Passion ❤️

As coaches we pray that our young men/woman and scholar-athletes one day appreciate the work, time, effort, care, and love we have for them. Some will only figure it out once they leave us and move on. I cannot speak for all coaches, but this is my passion, my love, my career. I give it my all. It’s more than just basketball with me. I’m far from perfect, and I still make mistakes. I own up to them, apologize, and learn from the failures or mistakes. As mature adults, it is our duty to lead by example, do as we teach and preach. I want nothing but the best for every human being, but also individuals have to understand realistically that there are levels to this. Everyone cannot make it. However, as a coach, man, mentor, teacher, I will be there regardless for my kids.

There are coaches who just get the best players to come play for them. Which in my opinion is not coaching because their talents and skill can win games alone. There are coaches who coach just because no one else wanted to. There are coaches who coach because they were bored and wanted to make money. There are coaches who coach to steal money, resources, and gear.

I coach because this is what I love to do. This is my passion, my dream, my career. I would and have coached for free. There is no better feeling when you have a bunch of scholar-athletes that plays and work hard for you. That you care for, and they know you care so they don’t mind being pushed and working their ass off for you. Those positive and life-long relationships you build with your kids and young adults. Even losing one game, or a certain game is still a win or lesson in the long run because they grow up to be productive, positive, influential, married, and career driven individuals who also give back to their community. That to me is true coaching!!

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