We support, encourage, motivate, inspire, and protect our brothers:

—We study and complete assignments together because we don’t want each other to fail.

—We practice and workout together because we want to get better and improve. When we develop individually, we make our team better.

—We hold each other accountable because we care, and when one goes down, we all go down.

—We listen to our brothers words, feelings, and emotions because he may be crying for help.

—We help and support our elders because one day we will become elders and would love for a younger person to help us.

—We nurture, care, love, uplift, respect, and protect our sisters because they do the same for us and the only way we can naturally reproduce.

—We listen to understand; Instead of listen to reply and argue.

—We can disagree and have civil arguments without becoming hostile, anger, rude, and defiant with our brother.

—We can accept our brother for who they are, because no man is perfect. We all have flaws and selfish ways.

—We play and compete for one another because we are selfless and the goal is to win.

—We talk it out and apologize for being wrong or incorrect, because that is what brothers do.

—We don’t intentionally try to hurt or harm our brothers because we are only growing farther apart and contributing to more pain, suffering, and sorrow.

—We try our best to buy and sell from our brothers and sisters because we want to see each other become wealthy.

—We support, encourage, motivate, and inspire our brothers because we want to see them become successful and the best version of themselves, and we love our brothers.

—If not us then Who? If not now then When? If not here, then Where? If not you then Why?

We need to do better as a race, as a culture, as individuals, as a society, as individuals. Enough with the excuses and generational curses and lack of knowledge and power. Time to make a change and want more than what we observe and are exposed to everyday. You matter and mean a lot to someone else. Don’t ever forget that.

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