Pre-Season Message

Basketball, coaching, and teaching saved my life. This game has changed me for the better. It installed discipline, character, a feeling of togetherness, family, unity. Even though I haven’t made it professionally (playing career) it allowed me to experience the world around me. What’s not to love and cherish about it?? That is why I work and grind so hard for and will continue to develop and grow as an individual, and coach/teacher/mentor.

For us to be the team we expect to be this season, We must focus on the small things fellas:

Selfishness. Playing individual and team defense, boxing out as a unit, screening for one another, passing to open man regardless of them missing the previous shot attempt. “Saying great pass” to your assist man, playing for one another, not worrying about numbers, shine, or the spotlight.

-If we can accomplish winning at the small things, we will succeed and all go where we want to go, because we did it together. And when we do this together, we all win and receive the spotlight & shine at the end.

We have to remain focus on what got us here. Discipline, the gym, 4-5 times a week. Don’t ever forget why you are here, who got you here, and the reason you play. Stay committed to excellence and don’t allow your pride to blind you from the truth.

We have one shot at this fellas. We don’t have makeovers or do overs. 🆖⚜️💚

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