Be Different

“Once you realize you do not have to prove anything to anyone but yourself, life becomes easier, simpler, more enjoyable, and makes more sense.”

It was once said that you become a master of your life when you learn how to control where your attention goes. Value what you give your time and attention to. I know you’ve heard before “it’s okay to be different. Just be yourself. You don’t need to hang around ‘such & such’, to feel wanted or be accepted.”  What does that really mean? Individuals who have studied child development and human interaction research and found that children, and even adults have a urge to be accepted by their peers. Humans want to be recognized, loved, heard, and some even “popular” or “famous”. For those young people who grow up and are raised in urban communities, poverty, and low income neighborhoods; they grow up idealizing and wanting things they cannot afford. Rappers, artist, movie stars, professional athletes, drug dealers, king pins, individuals who have the nice clothes, beautiful homes & vehicles, and woman who they find gorgeous/beautiful; where materialistic items and objects are glorified.

When we change our mindset we change our behavior, how are react to situations, and how we view the world around us. Energy is contagious, whether positive or negative. If you hang around individuals who smoke, do drugs, have a negative attitude, view people and the world as if they were out to get them and are against them, don’t like structure, directions, authority; fight and terrorized their community and people for no reason. You are more than likely to exhibit the same behaviors or mentality. There are children and teens who are raised by parents, guardians who installed and taught integrity, morals, respect, believes in honesty, caring for others, diversity and understanding differences. Who have the Maslow’s basic needs (Physiological, Safety, Love/Belonging, Esteem, & Self-Actualization). Some just get caught up in what we call “Da Trap!”

When someone tells you to “be yourself” or “be different” they are referring to stepping out of your comfort zone. To expand your thinking, to create new ideas, to reach beyond what you see, hear, and are exposed to everyday. Every individual is born to do and be something greater; only a few actually reach that point in their lives. Many blame their environment, some blame the government, other blame everyone but themselves. Reaching beyond your fears, facing challenges and adversity, learning from your mistakes and the mistakes of others is part of growth and development. Finding internal peace, becoming one owns self takes time, experience, and being “DIFFERENT.” So i ask you, “Who will you become? Why are you here? How will you evolve? When will you become who you are born to be?

“It cost you nothing to believe in yourself; But it will cost you everything if you don’t.”

1 thought on “Be Different

  1. Thank you for the motivational post! Please keep these up. We all need something uplifting in our lives. 🙂

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