Hurt People Hurt People

Over the course of my life, I have worked closely and spoken to a great deal of different population of youth, teens, and families. Homeless, sick/ill, those who been abused mentally, psychologically, emotionally, & physically, kids who been shot at, or been shot, have taken lives, young people who have death in their eyes. Kids who have experienced death, those who are fearful of their own lives. Those who battle addiction daily; Young men and woman who do not see themselves living past the age of 21. Those who cannot see past their present state in life. There has not been a medical or behavioral diagnostic child I have not seen, experienced, or encountered to this date.

My life course could have went another direction, I am grateful, proud, and blessed on how it has turned out so far. My experience as a black male teacher, basketball coach, mentor, and working in the mental & behavioral health field has taught me several valuable lessons about life. For one “Hurt people Hurt people.” Until we heal and can face our personal demons, our past troubles or mistakes; the cycle of hate, jealously, envy, bitterness, and evil energy will continue.

We have a whole generation that is learning how to survive, rather than learning how to love. We are in sad times. There is not a “one size fit all” theory or solution. Every situation and individual is different and the solutions may differ. The world is changing. We are constantly Learning to Unlearn; and Growing to Outgrow. Either you are here to help or harm. Which one will you choose?

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